Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rainbow Nympheas Lace Shawl: A Collaboration

I am so excited about this collaborative project!

Silk hankies (like these, but not this exact lot) dyed by zebisisdesigns:

Spun and plied on spindles by my dear friend Sonja:
Knitted into this Nympheas Lace Shawl by me:


Tiny Bunny & Valentine for Linus

The birth of a tiny bunny, from raw fleece to finished:
I think the head looks a bit like Piglet.  Moving on...

I washed a Cormo/BFL lock, washed and dyed (with Kool-Aid) some Targhee cross fleece, spun thread from each and dyed the Cormo/BFL yarn with the used dye bath, and then I crocheted this Valentine for my 6yo son. :)

Mandala & Tiny Glove

I spun a few locks (that I had washed) on a Deerfield Creations acorn spindle. I seem to have a short attention span, so my cop didn’t get very big before I decided to ply. After plying, I ended up with 76 yards of 2-ply thread weight yarn. It weighs 3.7 grams (which would translate to 582 yards per ounce).

I knitted this mandala on size 5.5-0 needles (that's five and a half zeroes).
Then I knitted this little glove from the same thread, on size 6-0 needles.  :)
Hee hee.

A Smokey Memento for Sonja

My dear friend Sonja lost her best friend this week. Here’s a photo of Smokey in the park when he helped Sonja with some dyeing adventures earlier this year.
She had brought me some of his brushed fluff a while back.
When I heard the sad news about Smokey, I took out the bag and spun some on a Kundert spindle.
I crocheted this memento for Sonja. <3