Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jake's Dream

We went to an extended family get-together and our 2-year-old was enchanted by the sweet golden retriever.
I was sad to learn that the sweet dog’s days were numbered.  I offered to brush him and make a keepsake for the family, and they loved the idea. I brushed out some underfluff and also trimmed (ok, stole) his tail. I spun his underfluff into soft 2-ply thread on a spindle and knit some of it into a tiny sweater.
The tail hair was pretty coarse. I spun it into a thick yarn, also on a spindle, and I took my time deciding what to do with it and finally decided to do a dreamcatcher.  I used the thick tail yarn to wrap the brass circle, and I wove the web with the thread. Finally, I crocheted three motifs (a heart and a flower from the thread, and a flower from the thick yarn) and connected everything, using a short spiral friendship bracelet-type cord (knotted from the tail yarn) between the dreamcatcher and the large crocheted motif. The big circle is 8 inches in diameter.
 I am really happy with this piece, and I hope it brings some comfort to the dog's family.

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