Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Joey's Rainbow Capelet!

I am SO excited about this project!  Sheep to Shawl, seriously.

I got 8 ounces of raw fleece from a rescued cormo ewe that had not been shorn for over two years. The fiber had been even longer, but they’d had to cut off a few inches at the outside. The staple length was still incredibly long (9-11”) for cormo! I washed it, huge lock by huge lock.

I dyed it with food coloring and vinegar in the microwave.
I spun lock by lock, flick combing the ends with a cat brush and picking out bits of VM. It was an interesting spin! The long staple made it a bit of a strain on my fingers. Here’s a spinning progress shot.
I finished spinning and navajo-plied it. Here’s the finished yarn.

 After months of trying to find the right project, I knitted the yarn into this Capelet for my daughter! She LOVES it. :)

A day after it was finished, I couldn't help myself...