Monday, April 16, 2012

An Owl Sweater For Blythe

I designed this sweater for a Blythe clothing swap, because my swap partner loved owls.  With my own cashmere/ultrafine merino/mulberry silk Natural Light Batt sample (this is a picture of the kind of sample I sent in to Phat Fiber...the one I spun myself was carder waste)...
I spun and plied on a (Zebisis Designs) spindle...
It turned into a .25oz, 56-yard skein of spindle-spun lace weight yarn that I have used for a few small projects.
I also used a bit of two other yarns that I spun.  One was cormo cross fleece that I washed and spindle-spun.
The other small bit was mink fiber...
I designed this, line by line, before knitting it, and I have to admit that my brain hurt a bit by the end of writing it up.  :)  I was thrilled to knit, it, though.
Here is the finished sweater, on my Friendly Freckles Blythe doll (who was upset with me when I told her I had to send it away to another doll).