Monday, April 23, 2012

Yarns Of Mine - Supercoil

While my go-to spinning is thread, I also LOVE supercoil yarn!  I have never knitted with it, but I love to spin it.  Rather, I love to have spun it.  The plying is quite labor-intensive.  I spin a single with extra twist, with thick and thin bits for interest.  To ply, I wrap my core yarn or thread around a toilet paper or paper towel roll with a slit at the top, suspend it in mid-air and unwind it as I need it, pausing quite often to let out the twist.  This first one was merino/silk from Corgi Hill Farm.

Here's a supercoil project.  I started with baby camel/silk fiber, painted by Zebisis Designs, my favorite dyer in the whole world.  This is her photo of the fiber.

I took a braid apart at the yellow and the green and turned it around, so as to do one color repeat, in rainbow order (am I predictable or what?).

I turned the 11-yard (~1oz) skein into this necklace.  :)

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